Frequently Asqued Questions - FAQ

1. Processing time

Official production time is 1 to 2 work weeks, but we make a point of being faster, so that production time takes usually 3 to 5 workdays.

Hedgehog with stickers

2. Shipping options

Standard shipping

All orders are sent with a tracking number and insurance up to 50CHF in case of lost or damage order. In case of bigger orders, we strongly recommend to choose the signature option to be fully covered in case of lost.

Light Tracking Shipping - No insurance

Another shipping option is available until end of March 2022. It is a standard shipping format with a simplified tracking number available for most of the European countries and the USA. This enables sending small orders without excessive shipping costs. Be aware that there is no insurance for this shipping option and that lost or damage order can't be refund.

Shipping with signature

Signature shipping offers a full refund in case of lost or damage (up to 200 CHF). For USA, this is the default shipping option alongside the light tracking (until end of March 2022).

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3. Shipping time

All orders are shipped from Switzerland with the Swiss post. The official estimated carriage times are the following:

  • Swiss: 1 workday
  • Europe: 2 to 3 workdays
  • US, Canada, Australia (out of Europa): 5 to 7 workdays.

Supplementary shipping time can happen in case of customs process - particularly if there is some taxes to be added.

Delayed shipping process

In case of delay, please contact us directly so that we can enquire about the problem and can transmit the tracking number. In the event of a lost tracked order (standard or with signature), the order can be sent again or fully refund.

4. VAT for EU countries

Since July 1st, a new VAT (Value Added Tax) law has come into effect in European Union and has entailed additional custom fees for any imported parcels (with no minimum amount). Therefore, we directly apply VAT on all orders to European Union. This will avoid surprising additional charges when receiving your parcel and will shorten the shipping time by easing the way at customs.

International enveloppe

5. Do you do any customisation?

Each watercolor painting and graphic process behind a stickers sheet need many hours of work. That's why we evaluate each specific request according to the workload. Small variations of a preexistant sheet/kit are more likely to be feasible.

But your idea can be the greatest idea we ever heard and then decide to struggle to make it :) So please, feel free to share your request anyway!

6. What about collaboration?

We are happy to collaborate with Planner Events and we study every request individually, according to the current workload.

If you want to organise a planner event and need some freebies, please contact us via the Contact page and fill the form with your information.

7. Do your stickers fit my planner?

We propose different stickers sizes listed below. For quality and logistic reasons we are currently in a process to simplify the kits while fitting the most planners.

The new kits offer the usual 1,5'' (38mm) wide stickers for most planners, with cutting lines for the shorter boxes (as for EC) and still allowing fullboxes for longer boxes as Happy Planners classic.

Full Boxes Size

The monthly stickers are also fitting most of monthly overviews and are a little bit larger than the 1,5'' (38mm) wide stickers. We choose to make a compromise and all new collections (from 2020) are 1,58'' wide (40mm).

Brown ring bound planner

8. What papers do you offer?

Matte removable

This matte papercan be taken off and stick again many times. It looks like normal paper. Take care to stick it on clean area and not on a too porous paper (it doesn't stick well). Just be aware that it cannot be taked off again eternally!

Matte permanent

Very sticky paper, is intended to be stick once and can't be taken off again.

Clear glossy

Shiny clear paper. It's very sticky and cannot be taked off again.

8. How to get Pots coins?

We offer a reward system through the "pots coins". Earn 3 pots coins for every CHF spent (which is approximatively 1$).

Get a 5CHF coupon when you collect 250 pots coins
Get a 10CHF coupon when you collect 450 pots coins
Get a 20CHF coupon when you collect 800 pots coins

Earn 100 pots coins when you sign up and 100 pots coins on your birthday.

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