Washi Tapes

What's washi tapes?

Washi tapes (or also called masking tapes) are decorative tapes made from traditional japanese paper, caracterised by their light translucence. Although now widely spread as a commercial product, it is even registered as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.

They are perfect for scrapbooking, decoration of planners, bullet journals and so on. The wide variety of styles, colors and sizes allows you to create whatever you have in mind.

Our washi tapes

At Linou’s pots, they are all handmade with watercolors, offering you unique illustrations in the washi tapes world. We emphasize on high quality of products. Quality controls and finitions are made in Switzerland.

All rolls are 10m long. Thin washi tapes are 5mm wide and usual washi tapes are 15mm wide.

Writing Hedgehog on the floor

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