We oppened our Etsy shop on the 1st of January 2015. At that time, Linou offered handmade jelly labels but this wasn't very the hit she was expecting. At all.

In the meanwhile, also on Etsy, Linou discovered by chance the Planner Community with their love for paper, crafting, stickers, colors and creativity. It impressed her a lot and somehow she felt like home. She decided to step into this whole new world but the first assays with printable stickers weren't conclusive. We must admit they weren't very funny too.

In September 2015, she decided to try something new: a first watercolor kit with fall mushrooms, death caps and pretty leaves. All the things she would have liked to see in her planner. She also remembers telling herself "If THIS doesn't work, I'll stop this adventure". This was the very first step.

First Kit of Linou's pots
Linou's pots' first watercolor stickers kit

Take-off and Evolution

... And a kind of miracle happened.People liked it and Linou's pots as a stickers shop really went to life in Fall 2015. More kits followed and more people discovered this little expanding universe. The very positive feedbacks of people was a real strength to pursue this activity, particularly for Linou beside her internship in surgery.

Small mushrooms

2016 and Plansterdam

In 2016, Linou's pots was contacted by and glad to sponsor one of the first European Planner Meeting in Amsterdam - Plansterdam. This allowed to virtually meet some great people of the European Planner Community and opened a door for the following big planner events that had to take place in 2017 and 2019.

In 2016, we also had the honour to sponsor Malmö's Planner Meeting.

2017 and Plannercon Europe

2017 was a real busy year with an ongoing growing business and the participation to the first official European Planner Conference in Brussels - PlannerCon Europe 2017. This first big European meeting gathered 300 people from all over the world and it was also the chance for us to meet and become very good friends with incredibly zealous planner girls.

PlannerCon Europe 2019 Banner

The collections also grew very big with almost a new monthly kit during the whole year. New formats like A5 and personal planners also appeared for the satisfaction of more planner people.


2018 and little rest

2018 has been a more quiet time, reconsidering the development of our work, as Linou's job and private life evolved a lot. We started a newsletter, a project that has always been close to our heart. Stickers can help and make your every day life more colourful but Linou's particularly fond of time management and wanted another channel to share all these things together.

We also began to offer more size for other planners - particularly printables for Traveler's Notebook and ringbound planners.

Free Printables for Planners
First free printables for November

2019 and a new beginning

2019 showed a new acceleration with new collections, new washi tapes, new formats (for Hobonichi Techo) and also new collaborations in and out the planner world!

We first collaborated with Titoudou, an educational toys brand. Two "survival kits for parents" were proudly illustrated.

Children Summer board game
Just downlaod, print, cut and play!

Hidden Easter Egg

Collaboration with Cocoa Daisy

The second great collaboration of the year is being a featured graphist for Cocoa Daisy's Christmas and December kits and offering at the same time a complementary kit.

Christmas biscuits

PlannerCon Europe 2019

The highlight of the year was also the participation to PlannerCon Europe, gathering up to 500 people from the planner world in Brussels.

PlannerCon Europe Stall
Honored to take part to PlannerCon Europe again

Moving from Etsy

After reaching more than 18'000 sales on Etsy with almost 5'000 great reviews, we decided to take a big new step in opening our own online shop, offering us more flexibility and closer contact to our community.

Linouspots shop


2020 and going on...

What should we now say about the turbulent and uncertain times of 2020? We are still here and offering new kits. The switching on the new platform was a success and we are glad to propose further products.

Something is telling me that new collaborations are on the way...

Stay tuned !