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During my whole profesionnal life, in the medical as well as in the artistic field, I met many inspiring people that helped me to develop myself at a point that I wasn't expecting. These have been people from my work environment, people that I randomly discovered or that I chosed to interact with because they inspired me.

I'm also profoundly convinced that the collaboration and ressources sharing is a key for a global and sane development. This is the reason why it's also very important for me to share them with you.

Book pile

Art ressources

Time Management ressources

Deep Work

Laura Vanderkam

Playing Big

Stickers ressources

> Stickerguru and their Flawless Foiling course. You can register to their course and have access to all their secret tips about foiling stickers.

Going through all possible troubles (and their are legion) with making great foiled stickers. 

Social media ressources

Digitoucan Academy for Pinterest [French Speaking]

Cecilia from Digitoucan Academy is a French speaking Pinterest coach. I really appreciated her profesionnalism and her personal coaching, helping a "naive" Pinterest user. She offers an online formation that is really broad and includes many aspects of Pinterest that I wasn't even aware of. Her courses are probably more for shops owners but if you're interested in free of charge advices, you can register to her newsletter.

> Official website

> Her newsletter

3 Zestes de Citron for Instagram [French Speaking]

Business ressources [French Speaking] et son incroyable podcast [French speaking]