Official Suppliers

As a small manufacture, we also want to sustain other local and small shops. Aside our own handmade products, we are working with suppliers that are close to our values.

Imprimeurs d'émotions, Geneva, Switzerland

All our TN inserts and notepads are printed and assembled in Switzerland with respect of the environnemental FSC norms. We are proud to sustain the high professional and social values of Imprimeur d'émotions in Geneva.

The main reasons why we are working with this business are summarised in this impressive (French) interview (RTS, Emission Brouhaha, 08.01.2019, Transmissions d'entreprises).

Pink planner

Creastyle, Switzerland

Between others we are also proudly collaborating with the official Silhouette retailer in Switzerland. Don't hesitate to contact them for more details.

Picture Silhouette Cameo for Crea-Style, Switzerland

Some small details are added with love and glitters to our stickers thank to For German speaking craft addicts, they have the perfect catalogue!

Bastel Traum Switzerland - Official Supplier

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